Do you want to buy your bike by leasing? Place your order on our website and choose the payment method "With leasing". Then please fill in the request form below. As soon as we receive the confirmation from the leasing provider, you can pick up your new bike or we will deliver it to your home.

Leasing contracts can ONLY be made for new bikes.


  1. Add your product to the shopping cart on the website
  2. When you have selected everything go to checkout for checkout
  3. Select the shipping method
  4. Choose as payment method: "Leasing request
  5. Complete all your data
  6. You will receive an e-mail with the order number
  7. Fill in the form HERE BELOW* **.
  8. Wait for the confirmation from us. In the next few days we will inform you about the conclusion of the leasing relationship.

*Once the leasing application has been reviewed with us, it will be reviewed again by the employer and the leasing company. This may take 1 to 6 weeks (confirmation depends on employer and order situation of the leasing company).

*Included with Pegasus e-bikes - frame lock for 49.95€ (No lock needs to be inserted when purchasing a Pegasus e-bike).

You will be informed by us immediately if the leasing agreement is concluded.

If the lease is not confirmed, you will not be charged.

Thank you for choosing Hild Radwelt!