1. How is the battery stored correctly?
    Dry at an ambient temperature of approx. 20 °C, not below 10 °C or above 40 °C.
  2. What do I have to consider when cleaning an e-bike?
    Using a damp cloth and a two-wheel cleaner is recommended. To protect the electronic components, they must not be cleaned with direct water jets or even high pressure.
  3. How do I store the battery in winter if I am not going to ride for a long time?
    Store in a dry place at room temperature. The ideal charge level for longer storage periods is approx. 30 to 60%.
  4. How fast does an e-bike/pedelec go?
    Up to a speed of 25 km/h. The pedal assistance stops after that and higher speeds must be reached with your own muscle power.
  5. Is the motor stronger with a larger battery?
    No! The support of the motor is a fixed value, which is decided by the design of the motor.
  6. Is there a helmet obligation with e-bikes?
    No, only theS-pedelec, which supports up to 45 km/h, requires a helmet to be worn. However, wearing a helmet is also recommended for all e-bikes.
  7. What is the service life of an e-bike battery?
    Many pedelec suppliers state the service life of the batteries as 500 to 1,000 full charge cycles. Based on experience, you can assume a service life of about 5 years.