The Hild Radwelt takes care of our environment. That is why we try to integrate the topic of sustainability into our online trade as best as possible. We carefully design our processes and processes as resources as possible. This wants to generate added value for our environment, our customers and the company.

Our contribution to sustainability includes, among other things:

  • Climate -neutral parcel shipping with  Gogreen from DHL 
  • The Hild Radwelt refers to 100% ecostorm
  • We manufacture our cardboard packaging material from used boxes
  • We recycle old hoses and tires with the Schwalbe Recycling System. Old hoses are closed 100%recyclable, the recycled butyl chewing can be used without loss of quality for the production of new hoses
  • Cardboard boxes are reused with us
  • And if there is no suitable used box for your order, our shipping boxes are made from recyclable cardboard boxes