Our services

Hild Radwelt is more than a bike.
We offer a wide range of services,
that covers all the needs of our customers.

As a bicycle expert, we have a long tradition and an excellent reputation in the region. We recognized the trend towards the e-bike very early on and gradually rebuilt and expanded the department.We are considered a competent and independent partner in the region for optimal individual solutions.We advise you on all questions about business bikes.

OurConsultants are your contact persons - From the initial consultation to the choice of the right model, leasing partner and insurance to the funding opportunities and the formalities that are connected with it. What is new territory for you is our everyday life. Our employees are continuously trained and have oneExcellent specialist knowledgeDeveloped. With this knowledge and many years of experience, we can respond professionally to all your questions at any time.

Our services: from advice to insurance

Our goal is to cover all the needs of the cyclist, especially after purchase!

Bike fitting

We offer comprehensive service for measuring your body and bicycle so that you can buy the product that is most suitable for you!

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For Jobrad, Eurorad, business bike, bikeleasing service and Zeg-Plus guarantee

We take over the damage processing

If damage occurs on a leased service bike, we check the scope of damage and report it to the insurance company. The damage will then be remedied as soon as possible. We calculate directly with the insurance company.

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