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As a bike expert, we have a long tradition and an excellent reputation in the region. We recognized the trend towards the e-bike very early on and gradually rebuilt and expanded the department.We are considered a competent and independent partner in the region for optimal individual solutions.


Almost 50 percent of all ways that are covered in the city by car are less than 5 kilometers! If drivers were switched and a third of the routes under 6 kilometers done by bike, 7.5 million tons of CO2 could be saved according to the Federal Ministry of Transport.Not to mention the health aspect ...
The trend towards e-bike has a supportive effect: In 2019, 1.4 million e-bikes were sold in Germany-39 percent more than in 2018.Almost every third bike sold was an e-bike in 2019.

We belong to the ZEG association

As a member of the Europe-wide network of 960 independent bicycle dealers, we offer our customers the highest quality at the best possible price. In the network of the two-wheeler shopping cooperative (ZEG), we get the option of selling exclusive own brands such as Pegasus, Bulls, GreenMover and Zemo and at the same time have access to top models from other renowned manufacturers.

As with spare parts, accessories and clothing, we benefit from the large shopping within the dealer network. We consistently pass on this price advantage to our customers. Articles are usually delivered within 24 hours via the ZEG central warehouse in Cologne, in which over 41,000 high-quality bicycles and spare parts are constantly in stock.

At the same time, we ensure advice and service at the highest level through employee training in the ZEG academy.

Outstanding service in the ZEG quality workshop

As the proud carrier of the "Quality workshop" certificate, we work based on the highest standards and offer our customers maximum security and outstanding service for all workshop services.

In order to meet the high demands and requirements, we have submitted strict guidelines that are constantly checked. In addition to unannounced tests, this includes the continuous training of our employees and the exchange within the largest network of 960 independent bicycle dealers in Europe. In this way we ensure the constant optimization of workshop processes.

What else do you want?

✓Test high-end bikes
✓Tested workshop and service quality
✓E-bike competence center
✓Large parking lot offer on site
✓Test drive for a purchase without risk

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